Handmade Popup Greeting Cards, 3D Boxes and Knitted Toys in Dubai by SAY Art Studio

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Say Art Studio offers a wide range of handmade 3D greeting cards, popup boxes, knitted toys and other gifts, available for online order in UAE.

Greeting Cards in Dubai

If you are looking for something affordable and eye-catching, our popup greeting cards or 3D boxes will always work great!

Say Art Studio offers a huge variety of creatively different greeting cards, 3D boxes and knitted toys to order online. Our designers try their best to create a perfect gift for any occasion.

We specialize in handmade gifts – popup greeting cards cards, 3D boxes, knitted toys and other products. Based on the principle of being truly different, we are proud to create classy yet cute products that work great both on their own, and as an additions to bigger gifts!


The more occasions you have, the more greeting cards you need!

It is so easy to make somebody’s day by presenting one of our greeting cards. There are so many holidays and occasions celebrated in a city like Dubai, with such a variety of cultures, and so many different designs can be used. Wedding invitations, Christmas, Ramadan or birthday greetings are just simple examples of such occasions.


Every gift should leave a lasting impression.

What is more, a greeting card is a perfect way to wish something meaningful, inspiring, or funny, in writing. And our cards are perfectly good for this! Every design has either an empty area for your personalized message, or a cute little envelope to put it in.

Choose from a variety of categories & designs, select your payment method, & order online!