Happy Birthday Blue 3D Greeting Box

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Looking for an interesting Birthday Greeting in Dubai? Why don’t you try this handmade birthday 3D greeting box! Show your near and dear people how much you care about them by presenting this fabulous handcrafted birthday greeting!

Once this splendid birthday box pack is opened, a lot of colored items, symbolizing birthday and festive mood leap out. The inner corners of the box are decorated with floral embellishments, which make it very elegant. Add a small message folded in a small envelope attached to it to customize your message.


Our birthday card packs are affordable and cheerful additions for gifts that will be undoubtedly on display long after the candles have been blown out. This 3D greeting box is suitable for both boys and girls, youth and seniors. You may present it to your friends, children, relatives or it can be a mom’s birthday card. Anyway, greeting cards are the best variant to write kind, inspiring words. Wish your loved ones a lot of splendid years and unforgettable adventures, reminding them that this is the type of present they can enjoy every day.

Moreover, we choose the best special materials to make our cards and boxes, such as high quality paper imported from Europe or Japan and eco-friendly printing.

Our great option of unique handmade greeting cards is the perfect way to bring someone joy on his birthday. Our professional team is trying to do our best in order to satisfy clients’ needs and desires. Our Art Studio is located in Dubai, the UAE, and we send our goods all over the globe, from Abu Dhabi to London. We care about our cards, toys and boxes to be delivered qualitatively for our clients. Thus, you will have your order unscathed, packaged safely in an envelope or bag.

This birthday design of 3D box will strike your fancy! So take your chance and buy one of our cards, box, or a knitted toy online on Say.ae!

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