provides the best choice of popup greeting cards in the UAE.


If you are looking for a special gift, will be in use. This website gives you a wide spectrum of different pop up cards with a special design that will come in handy at all events. Why card? It goes without saying that it really means a lot when someone sends you one, made by hand. It is always a very nice gesture symbolizing the fact that somebody is thinking of you, wishing you the best etc.

There are so many events in our life, when we can present a postal. So why to miss a chance to send it as often as possible. Find an abundance of cards on, choose the perfect one and make people around you happy!

We have them for all events!

As many holidays, as many pop out cards we have on Here, every handmade item is a work of art. We designed so many unique handmade postals that you surely will find an appropriate one! When you send one, you are sharing an emotional piece of yourself. Basically, our items are oriented on special occasions, such as: anniversary, birthday, wedding parties or, for instance, Father`s Day etc. You can also find just nice ones with wonderful flowers, buildings, planes, a hedgehog or Eiffel tower inside.

The price is quite low, so why not to buy such an important grain of happiness.

What do you think about wedding invitations?

Wedding is one of the brightest events in our life and it means that everything should be perfect to the last detail. The postal is exactly the thing you need! Our professional designers from Dubai and Abu Dhabi create a splendid line of items exactly for such a special occasion. There is a huge spectrum of wedding greeting cards or invitation on, just search for one according to your taste. There are different ones: the pop up flower card with happy bride and groom pop up under a beautiful tree, with man and woman in love between an abundance of hearts or with a romantic 3D heart bench and a lovely couple sitting on it.


What is a birthday party without handmade birthday cards?

Birthday is very important for every person. That is a wonderful day when people have fun, bring together family and friends and make a wish for the future. You can find dozens of birthday greeting cards on and make a perfect gift. The 3D birthday cards with cakes are the most popular, as they are traditional and quite symbolic ones, reminding us that the life is really sweet.

All in all, sending a postal, you are telling the recipient that you care. So do not miss a chance to make a special gift for your loved ones with!