Ferris wheel 3D Greeting Card

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Handcrafted Popup greeting card featuring colorful 3D Ferris wheel, available for online order in Dubai.

Let’s have a look on this papercraft greeting card – a Ferris wheel. It is a quite big postal with 3D construction inside. The cover is designed in a bright green color with shadow figures of Ferris wheel, birds and hot-air balloons. When opened, the wonderful and glorious Ferris wheel pops up. It is made in bright blue, pink and yellow colors, which make it very festive. The inner side is white colored with bright green framing.

This splendid postal can be a perfect gift for children and adults as well. Moreover, it can serve as a souvenir, which radiates the happiness and jollity. Buy it and present somebody as a little source of good mood and magical Arabian atmosphere of festival.


It is a splendid idea to put your loved people in a cheerful frame of mind, presenting them an outstanding postal with your warm words written down. It is a present of current interest, as you may bring it for some holiday, event or for no special reason.

Each time you make a purchase on Say.ae, you get a postal of the highest quality, made with environment-friendly materials. The paper is a premium one as well, imported from Europe or Japan. Our art studio is situated in the UAE, but we provide good, safe and fast delivery in all directions and distances. We guarantee an appropriate service, thus, you will receive a fine product, packed in envelope and poly bag.

As many customers, as many tastes, preferences and desires. We are ready to comply with every request! If you buy greeting cards online on Say.ae, you will find a lot of advantages and amenities. You may choose the type, style, color of the postal. Moreover, its size also depends on your wishes. We are glad to present oversized greeting cards, which are very catchy, bright, glamorous and small greeting cards that are quite elegant, laconic and multifunctional. Apart from greeting ones, you may find the cards, which can come in handy for your business. Choose the appropriate print, size and shape and make an order! In that case our wholesale is exactly for you: the more cards you order, the lower price is.


This product can be ordered online today with delivery across Dubai, UAE.