It is obvious that a good gift should leave a lasting impression. And it is always a good idea to enrich your gift with a greeting card which stands out by its appearance. Especially – in UAE, where it is increasingly hard to impress, but where there’s is a variety of occasions to try!

So, we got you a solution – 3D popup greeting cards and boxes!

Made to impress by hand, these little beauties are a great choice, if you are looking for something different. Choosing from a great range of designs, from Christmas party invites to anniversary invitations, you may find the one that perfectly suits your occasion.

It is so easy to make somebody’s day with presenting our handmade greeting card. There are so many holidays and occasions celebrated in UAE, and our cards can cover them all! Wedding invitations or birthday greetings are just simple examples when a good-looking 3D greeting card will be a great choice.