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This pop-up 3D greeting card with a bouquet of colorful flowers is a perfect gift for many occasions. It is quite elegant and stylish, with a lush flower bouquet inside.

Its front is bright green, embellished with the shades of sweetie bird and different branches with flowers. Once it is opened, a luxurious flower bouquet pops up. The inner side of the card is designed in a soft pastel white color that makes an emphasis on the flowers, mainly red with lush green leaves, which makes this bouquet very festive and spruce.

Such a luxurious popup flower card can be a wonderful gift for a huge spectrum of occasions! It is not a common souvenir you can give to a girl, but present it to your friends or close people in order to bring some festival mood. Moreover, this type of greeting card can work equally great on a mother’s birthday, for instance.


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