White Ship with Red Sails 3D Greeting Card

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A large blue 3D greeting card featuring a beautiful popup white ship with red sails.

The front blue cover of this pop-up card featured a dreamy ship. The color gives the feeling of azure water that arise a taste for adventure. Open the card to reveal an outstanding 3D figure of the magnificent white ship with beautiful crimson sails.

This pop-up card is truly stunning, with a lot of small details carefully carved on its parts. The broadside is pastel white with blue framing and a pictures of birds around it.

This is one of the multipurpose greeting cards that will work great in a lot of different events, holiday parties etc. It can serve as a fabulous gift for kids, as it is common knowledge how much children adore things, connected with sea adventures. In any case, such amazing greeting card will make positive emotions run high. The card is blank so you can say more and write even your own poem for the receiver.

Available for online order in Dubai.


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