Newborn – greeting card

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Handcrafted 3D gift card with a wonderful stork that carries a baby. A perfect gift for a mother on a birth occasion.

This nice papercraft pop-up 3D greeting card “Newborn” depicts a playful scene. Its cover is a bright pink one with a picture of a lovely baby stroller on it. As soon as you open the postal, you will see wonderful figures of house, fence, and stork, holding a newborn baby in his beak. Such usage of pink and pastel white colors together with these nice personages makes a very good impression on the receiver. Such present is really a special one, as it is interesting to hold it in hands after years. Thus, it is a kind of everlasting gift!

This wonderful card is not only enormously sweet and beautiful but also quite multifunctional. It can belong to pop-up cards for kids, pop-out birthday cards, or even be given for a baby shower occasion. There is no doubt that this very postal is a perfect gift for a new parent, for a newborn girl or boy. Moreover, it can serve as an invitation for a baby shower or birthday. It is blank and it means that you can use your imagination and write down warm congratulation words.


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We provide our clients a big deal of different occasion cards that suit every fancy. But if you have the desire to create and order one, designed to your own pattern – we completely support your idea and are ready to make a card according to your request! Isn’t it nice to present your friends really unique and authors postal, where you put a little bit of your heart? Play with colors, embellishments, materials, and 3D figures! Choose an appropriate print and shape, send us your sketch and we will do our best to bring your project to life.


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