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Windmill 3D Greeting Card

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Large handcrafted greeting card with a windmill figure. Neutral but beautiful design, suitable for any occasion.

This outstanding papercraft pop-up 3D greeting card: mill is quite multifunctional to be used for any occasion or no special occasion at all. This is a kind of sure-fire choice, as its design is very neutral. You may use this card pop marvel as a birthday gift or as a holiday greeting, in all cases the receiver will be favorably impressed. The cover of this splendid orange card is decorated with an illustration of lovely pictures of old-fashioned country houses, light clouds and picturesque path. Open the postal and you will see an elegant pastel white tone with a wonderful mill, which reveals in all its beauty. The construction is made in brown and yellow colors and is surrounded by field flowers.

This glorious postal is a perfect choice to gift on any purposes to people of all ages. Moreover, it can serve as a unique souvenir, reminding about good spent time. Besides, you may bring such travel pop up cards to your friend, who adores adventure and travelling as the mill is associated with Don Quixote story.


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