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Love, Romance 3D Greeting Card

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Handcrafted 3D popup card with a little red box and colorful hearts popping out of it. Perfect as a romantic gift on Valentine’s day, or a date invitation for someone very special.

Take a look at this bright, flamboyant, and glamorous greeting card, full of love & romance! It is adorned with an illustration of flowers, hearts, and the inscription “With love” on its cover. On the inside, a red box with a bouquet of hearts is revealed. The design is quite traditional, consisting of scarlet and pastel white colors, but at the same time thanks to the special pop-up construction it is a kind of creatively different gift for the person you love.

Despite being affordable and cheerful, such rose-colored greeting card sentiments all best wishes and expresses your feelings towards your loved ones. Send a Valentine card and bring a kind of special souvenir to your receiver.


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