3D Greeting Cards wholesale in Dubai

You can order a large variety of 3D popup cards on Say.ae for your event or promo campaign.

We have a wide choice of cards for all types of events! SAY Art Studio designs and manufactures qualitatively handcrafted 3D pop-up postals made of environment-friendly materials. We keep abreast of the developments and innovations in our industry in order to provide you with the highest-quality products.

Moreover, our professionals go out of their way to create a completely new design, using trendy technologies and approaches. Consequently, we are proud to offer you an abundance of unique and marvelous pop up greeting cards that will surely meet your desires.


Do not miss a chance to get your guests impressed with Say.ae Greeting Cards!

It is greeting cards wholesale and you do not know which one to choose? Buy them all on the cheap! If you are a token gifts lover, the wholesale greeting cards on Say.ae are exactly for you!

Order postals of whatever quantity you want, as the more you order the more of a discount you will receive. We are glad to provide our clients with such an opportunity, as this kind of a deal gives an avalanche of advantages.

Thus, buying several items at a time you can be sure that despite a lower price, the quality is still the same. All postals are handcrafted, instead of printed ones, and are conformed to your order. Besides, you can make sure the items are packed well and will be delivered in a proper manner.

Whether you want to create your own style card or to buy a ready one, you may choose every aspect of it. Thus, you will surely have an item you were looking for. Anyway, be as creative as you can and you will get a stylish unique card, whether it is for your business purposes or a greeting one.

Besides, a card is the biggest first impression that you can make to a customer or potential client. Why not to promote your business with the help of a splendid ones, printed in full-color on both sides! In that case, our wholesale offer is the best variant for you, just fill up a form on Say.ae and our manager will contact you in order to accord with the details.


We can deliver them at the world`s end for you!

Our SAY Art Studio is based in Dubai, the UAE, but it does not mean we work for a local market only, we share our cards all over the world as well. It is so easy to get our product whether you are in Asia or Europe, as the delivery service works fast and on high quality level.

Moreover, we guarantee quite fast conveyance. The time it takes to receive the order is a combination of production, printing and transportation.

We are living in the time of great changes, modern world has a lot of newish means of communication and presentation that come cheap, but as the practice shows, the postals will never be out of fashion. So do not miss the chance to buy the best cards ever on Say.ae!



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